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Detecting Amadey malware with Wazuh

Blog / Engineering / Detecting Amadey malware with Wazuh

Amadey is a malware that steals sensitive information from infected Windows endpoints. This malware was first discovered in 2018 and has maintained a persistent botnet infrastructure since then. It has...

STRRAT detection with Wazuh

Blog / Engineering / STRRAT detection with Wazuh

STRRAT is a Java-based remote access trojan (RAT) that provides threat actors with full remote control of infected Windows endpoints. STRRAT focuses on stealing credentials from browsers and email clients...

Using Wazuh to detect Remcos RAT

Blog / Engineering / Using Wazuh to detect Remcos RAT

Remcos was originally produced in 2016 as a legitimate software by BreakingSecurity for managing Windows systems remotely. Remcos has been classified as a remote access trojan (RAT) because threat actors...