Consulting services

Every project is different and has its own requirements and nuances. Our consulting services focus on delivering the right assistance to ensure you get the most value out of the Wazuh platform.

Some common requests that fall under the scope of consulting services are customizations such as the development of new rules for threat detection, implementation of incident response actions, creation of new dashboards, deployment services, health checks, integrations with third-party tools, or the development of additional features.

This service is typically acquired together with the support and maintenance service for a 360 Wazuh experience.

How we can help

For self-hosted deployments, this is the way to start. The right architecture and hardware specs will save you headaches later on.

Our team of solution architects designs the best possible architecture based on the environment in scope, the load expected to be generated, and your particular use cases. This sizing exercise includes the hardware specifications for the central components of the Wazuh platform.

Get the Wazuh platform up and running quickly and efficiently. Our solution experts assist with a successful deployment tailored to your unique requirements, and environment needs. The team works closely with you to complete the deployment, within the agreed time frame. They pay special attention to your growth plans and long-term initiatives. Get ongoing guidance and best practices to obtain optimal results.

The deployment service includes the installation of the central components, automation of agent deployment, configuration tuning, and integrations.

Wazuh platform consists of a comprehensive set of capabilities that helps to protect your environment. Wazuh comes with a default configuration to start monitoring your assets right away. However, every environment is different and, therefore, tuning the platform is key to address your particular needs. Get custom rules, custom dashboards or integrations with third-party tools. Leverage the team expertise to get you through this process successfully.

Wazuh is the most active open source project in cybersecurity. We are continuously working on new versions of the platform that will come with enhanced or new capabilities. Customers can employ our consulting services for the development of added features that positively contribute to the customer's needs.

On demand services

Purchase a bucket of professional hours that you can use on demand at your convenience for any custom development. The service becomes handy when having complex environments that may require the Wazuh team to work on custom integrations and/or creation of new detection rules for internal applications.

Statement of work

Do you have a development project in mind for the Wazuh team to deliver? The Statement of Work will define in detail the action plan to cover all the requirements of your project. Get a fixed price and a delivery time estimation for the completion of the work.

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