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Egypt, United Kingdom

Reach Management UK LLC Solution offers Consulting Services in order to define an appropriate plan of action and implementation strategies for meeting regulatory requirements. Egypt and the UK.


Absoloote is an IT services company specialized in IT architecture, cybersecurity and ITSM. It favors a human-centered approach for pragmatic , adaptative and outstanding solutions.


Softcell is one of India’s leading System Integrators with over 33+ years of experience in this domain. Softcell has a 800+ strong team spread over 6 offices all over India. India

Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Uruguay

Cybersecurity company, with 30 years of experience, providing innovative IT consulting solutions for the areas of Cybersecurity, Government, Audit and SOC-as-a-Service.

Czech Republic

initMAX delivers certified training and professional services primarily for OpenSource platforms including architecture design, infrastructure deployment, support services and consulting.

United States

Acumera provides managed network security and automation services for payment systems and operations of multi-site businesses.


Sysnova specializes in open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and cybersecurity solutions for enterprises and other large organizations in Bangladesh.

Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore

Human Managed delivers intelligence on-demand for digital, cyber, and risk scenarios. Companies of any size and sector use the platform to grow, protect, and run their businesses. ​Singapore.

Dubai, Hong Kong, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Falanx Group is a provider of various security and intelligence services to blue-chip companies and government clients worldwide. London, UK.


We provide expert resources and tools that enhance your security effectiveness significantly. Pakistan.

Puerto Rico, United States

Business Technology Group (BTG) provides IT Management and Consulting solutions that help small to large organizations adopt, manage, integrate and enhance their IT environment.


Heron Technology provides solutions to enable the safe and secure use of technology. We believe in being a trusted partner for our clients. Singapore.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Portugal, Spain

MSSP with more than 20 years of experience, designing and managing high level security for any size companies, providing Security-as-a-Service and security auditing services.

Africa, India, Middle East

Cytech Ventures LLC is a cyber consulting company specializing in integrating cyber security products like DARWIS honeypot, DARWIS threat intel API and XDR.

Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela

Guayoyo es una empresa de servicios ofensivos y defensivos de ciberseguridad que usa Wazuh desde sus inicios, siendo ahora partners para Latinoamérica.

Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama

Devel Group, S.A., cuenta con un equipo altamente calificado y certificado en cada uno de los servicios, buscando proveer los mejores productos en la rama de la seguridad cibernética. Centroamérica y Caribe


We help our clients manage their risks, in order to ensure the continuity of their operations and preserve the security of their information, by using the best practices, techniques and tools available.

Czech Republic, Slovakia

AUTOCONT is the largest Czech ICT supplier. Within the Cyber Security Center, it provides professional solutions and MSSP services including SOC-as-a-Service and MDR with its own AC-CSIRT team. Czech Republic and Slovakia.


PiExtract assists customers in collecting various data, transforming them into useful information, and digging out additional value to support business growth. Provide the right information to the right people at the right…


PT Visionet Data Internasional is the Largest Digital IT Managed Services Company in Indonesia, with multiple Information Security Management System certifications that offers a nation-wide coverage. Indonesia.


CYBEROO SpA is an Italy-based company specialized in the Cyber Security industry. The Company provides solutions for the monitoring and protection of IT infrastructure and the automation of the detection of threats…

Europe, Switzerland

Open Circle Ltd has 20+ years experience in providing managed IT services with a focus on digital sovereignty and open source.


Cyberwall provides a broad set of information security services covering from low-level technical engineering to strategic business consulting. Ontario, Canada.


Infopercept is one of the leading cybersecurity companies in India. They provide a critical layer of security to protect business information, infrastructure, and assets across the organization. Guyarat, India

United States

OculusIT is a global, managed IT and cloud services company that serves the higher education sector. New Jersey, USA.


Easy Solutions is a provider of IT security and SaaS solutions whose services can be used with existing IT deliveries or build a total IT platform for the company. Oslo, Norway.

United Kingdom, United States

NETbuilder is a leading provider of specialist software, consulting, and fully managed services to government, finance, healthcare, education, and commercial markets. London,UK.

Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands

Orange Business Services is a managed service provider dedicated to integrating the core competencies for digital transformation—Big Data, cloud computing, and information security—into a single service offering. Oslo, Norway.

Denmark, Germany, India, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

Zacco Digital Trust brings together experts in the field of cyber security, secure software development, digital forensics & cutting-edge research. India, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the UK.


EVERco is a provider of information security services, we structure relationships of trust, agility, and security in the processes, high performance and focus on the needs of our customer.

United States

InfoDefense is a full-service provider of information security solutions, offering managed and professional services to organizations in a variety of industries. Texas, USA.


Experts in accelerating the digital transformation strategies of companies, increasing their competitiveness and strengthening their IT security.

Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay

DATASEC es una empresa con 35 años de historia ininterrumpida dedicada exclusivamente a la prestación de servicios, capacitación y software en el área de la seguridad de la información. Oficinas en Uruguay,…


“RHYM” stands for Rakshana Hetu Yantra Medhavi, meaning “Security Oriented Intelligent machine” in Sanskrit. This reflects our core philosophy to help customers to shield their digital assets from cybercriminals. India.


Perseus offers SMEs a comprehensive security-as-a-service solution for their cybersecurity and GDPR compliance, offering a broad portfolio to its customers and including a wide range of services. Bilbao, Spain


Since 2014, NE Brasil delivers automated processes in the area of IT, increasing environment availability, observability, and confirmability through the implementation of solutions designed to meet the client's business model.


TSSC implements comprehensive cybersecurity services to solve business vulnerability factors with the solutions, human capital, and technological intelligence to protect infrastructure against threats. Mexico.


Since 2008, with a risk-based approach, the mission to create safer digital environments has been taken as a challenge for GC Security.

United States

USX Cyber provides SMEs businesses with 24x7 dynamic defense, offering Managed Detection and Response (X/MDR) cybersecurity services. Protecting businesses in any technological environment. USA.

United States

Avalon provides solutions - through people, processes, and technology - that automate, support, and overcome its customers' business information challenges. New York, USA.


Cybersecurity company, with 30 years of experience, providing innovative IT consulting solutions for the areas of Cybersecurity, Government, Audit and SOC-as-a-Service.

Colombia, Mexico, Spain, United States

A3Sec is a business group present in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and the USA, that provides professional solutions in the areas of cybersecurity, device monitoring, business intelligence, and Big Data. Madrid, Spain


Fronix is specialized in Information Technology sector. Fronix Sdn Bhd currently is registered with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) under various categories. Malaysia.

Chile, Colombia, Peru

SixManager busca contribuir en el desarrollo de las tecnologías de la información, aportando la experiencia, el conocimiento y la creatividad, de manera tal de que las soluciones aporten valor a los clientes.…

United States

CyberDefense's goal is to ensure that when a cyberattack occurs, the critical assets and sensitive data of the clients is secured, by tailored services that will safeguard the client’s business. USA.


El principal objetivo es brindar a su empresa soluciones estratégicas con el más alto grado de confiabilidad y seguridad en el aprovechamiento y manejo de todos sus recursos tecnológicos. Mexico.

India, United States

IARM provides End to End Cyber Security Services and Solutions. They deliver high-quality, SLA driven, 24X7 SOC operation. A One-Stop Shop for your SIEM and SOC Operation needs. USA and India.

United States

As an Enterprise IT Solutions Provider, 12 Points Technologies help their customers design and build Network and Security strategies to protect themselves within the global threat landscape Nebraska, USA

United States

LCSS delivers cyber security consulting, engineering, and managed security services to SMEs in manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and government contracting. Wisconsin and Milwaukee, USA.

India, Singapore, Sri Lanka

Scybers is a cybersecurity advisory and managed services company operating globally. Scybers can help clients navigate the new reality of digital risks with confidence.

Angola, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Mozambique, Portugal

TIS TECH has its core business focused on the Information and Communication Technologies sector, and its main objectives are the Delivery of Business Consulting Services. Angola.


MexSolutions provides IT services for companies that require any guidance or assistance on their IT projects, offering a wide range of services and providing strategic guidance accordingly. USA.

Africa, Asia, Australia, Bangladesh, Dubai, Fiji islands, Malaysia, Maldives, Middle East, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific, Sri Lanka

NCINGA is a global technology solutions provider with a core mission is to provide effective, sustainable solutions that benefit the wider community and environment. Sri Lanka

France, Mauritius Islands

Exodata offers its cybersecurity services to companies in multiple industries, including insurance, banking, and healthcare companies. France, Europe, Mauritius, New Caledonia, and the Caribbean.


m.a.x. It is the independent cybersecurity consultants for all enterprises. The expert who protects your entire IT infrastructure from individual computers and servers to networks and cloud applications from cyber attacks.


Infoprive is an information security group of companies that provide end-to-end cybersecurity services to enterprise, medium and small scale businesses. Lagos, Nigeria.

Hong Kong

PwC pourpous is to build trust in society and solve important problems. With over 284,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, advisory and tax services. China.

United States

BlokWorx is a team of experts that work exclusively with Managed Service Providers. They take care of their cybersecurity so that their customers can focus on the day-to-day IT-related tickets. USA


Diazero is a service provider specialized in IT Security Consulting. Their main services include Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability management, MSS, and Threat Intelligence. Brazil and the USA.

United States

Atricore's holistic approach adds tech expertise to open source solutions, providing enterprise-grade cybersec for organizations of all sizes.

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