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We started small, then became
a world-leading cybersecurity platform

Wazuh was born in 2015, formed by a team of 5 people led by Santiago Bassett.
In less than a year, we offered our solution to numerous companies, including a Fortune 10 tech company.
Fast-forward to 2021. Our team consists of more than 150 professionals distributed all around the world. Our platform has more than 10 million downloads per year, and thousands of organizations rely on our solution daily.

Stacked hands


Transparency, collaboration and innovation are the core values of our company, driven by our open source spirit.


To deliver a high-quality cybersecurity solution for all kinds of users, with excellent support, and continuous innovation.


To become the largest cybersecurity open source platform in the world.

The world’s most widely used open source security solution

15+ Million

Protected endpoints

100+ Thousand

Enterprise users

10+ Million

Downloads per year

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