Start protecting your
environment with Wazuh

Wazuh central components

Wazuh indexer Install Wazuh Indexer

The Wazuh indexer is a highly scalable, full-text search and analytics engine.
This central component indexes and stores alerts generated by the Wazuh server.

Wazuh server Install Wazuh Server

The Wazuh server analyzes data received from the agents and processes it using threat intelligence.
A single server can analyze data from thousands of agents, and scale when set up as a cluster. It is also used to manage the agents, configuring them remotely when necessary.

Wazuh dashboard Install Wazuh Dashboard

The Wazuh dashboard is the web user interface for data visualization, analysis, and management.
It includes dashboards for regulatory compliance, vulnerabilities, file integrity, configuration assessment, cloud infrastructure events, among others.

Single universal agent

Wazuh Agent

Wazuh agents are installed on endpoints such as laptops, desktops, servers, cloud instances, or virtual machines. They provide threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities.