Diazero and Wazuh sign a partnership agreement

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São Paulo, January 2023. The digital security company Diazero Security has just signed a new partnership with a global player. It is Wazuh, a free cyber security platform that moves about 25 million dollars a year. The cooperation between the companies aims to perform native integrations of the products of both parties, apply qualified training for professionals in the industry in Brazil, and the creation of a training center in the country.

The partnership brings something new to the market once Diazero Security becomes the first company in the world to translate the qualified training that Wazuh offers to its collaborators. The objective between the parts is to build a preparation center for the best development of technology professionals in Brazil.

 “I am very excited about this partnership. We see a good opportunity to make this market in Brazil grow even more. We need to qualify our professionals, and now we can help this growing sector in the country to have strong know-how”, comments Oscar Peso, CEO of Diazero Security.

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The Brazilian company has a facility where they develop their own solutions for the technology market. Now, this background will be part of the development team of some of Wazuh’s native products, bringing new tools to the national scenario. 

“We are pleased with Diazero’s enthusiasm for our solution. It is a great accomplishment that such an important Brazilian security company wants to create a Wazuh training center in Brazil. We at Wazuh are happy to partner with Diazero in this venture, and we are convinced that both companies will grow thanks to their mutual collaboration,” remarks Alberto Gonzalez, COO at Wazuh.

The technological partnership brings good market perspectives for Diazero Security, which estimates to capture about 20% of the national market once it opens new doors for solutions that before were only provided from outside Brazil, democratizing access to these tools.

If you want to learn more about Diazero, please visit its official website. For more information on Wazuh Partnerships, please visit our partners’ page.