Enevo Cybersec and Wazuh sign a partnership agreement

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San Jose, California, May 2023. We are glad to announce that Enevo Cybersec has signed a partnership agreement with Wazuh. As part of Enevo Group, Enevo Cybersec, is dedicated to helping organizations monitor and harden their industrial control systems against malicious cyber activity.

Enevo Cybersec specializes in integrating OT energy infrastructures in a SOC to ensure visibility, detection, and response to cybersecurity threats while maintaining compliance with relevant regulations. 

“Wazuh’s complete set of capabilities perfectly matches the Substation Security Management Platform we are working on. It will help organizations address critical aspects of security monitoring, risk management, and compliance for electrical stations. We trust that becoming a Wazuh partner is a great opportunity because we trust them as the best open source cybersecurity solution in the market,” commented Alexandru Suditu, General Manager of the Cybersecurity Program at Enevo Cybersec.

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By leveraging the group’s outstanding experience in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) for Power Transmission and Distribution, Enevo helps companies with their industrial cybersecurity and business continuity challenges. They form a leading cybersecurity company catering from medium to large enterprises in the energy, oil, and gas industries across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

“We are thrilled to partner with Enevo Cybersec and want to help them bring out the best from their security management platform. Enevo Cybersec is committed to helping energy, oil, and gas organizations by safeguarding their industrial control systems against cyber threats. We are confident that our solution will add value to this challenging task,” stated Alberto Gonzalez, COO at Wazuh.

To learn more about Enevo Cybersec, please visit its official website. For more information on Wazuh Partnerships, please visit our partners’ page.