Alignet and Wazuh join forces to enhance productivity

About Alignet

Alignet specializes in technological solutions and cutting-edge products. They focus all their Alignet experience in providing innovative solutions for the growing E-commerce market, being a pioneer in launching the authentication solution based on EMV 3D Secure to support the Verified by Visa and MasterCard Identity Check (MasterCard SecureCode) programs.

Currently, ALIGNET is considered one of the main providers of solutions and products for some of the main banks in Latin America.


Cybersecurity approach

Alignet partnered with Wazuh in July, 2019. Their main objective was to achieve their PCI DSS compliance needs to ensure alliances with partners like Visa International and Master-Card Global, and becoming one of the best, safest and most innovative Payment Providers in Latin America.

With the leadership of Jorge Temoche, the Chief Information Security Officer at Alignet, and the company’s interest in constant innovation, they decided to go beyond that, pursuing a more complete and efficient use of Wazuh to take advantage of all their valuable capabilities and work on some opportunities of improvement in the Security Department.

Event correlation and real-time visualization of alerts, ensuring that the information is refined and useful for decisión making, set up and customization of dashboards for easy-access information, PCI DSS compliance and automation of alerts and responses are among the main topics they currently work on to reduce manual work as much as possible and focus on other strategic matters.


Why Wazuh

Customer Support:

For Alignet, this is the main differentiator. Wazuh’s Customer Support focuses on guiding and working hand in hand with the customers to make sure all their needs and issues are resolved. From implementation guidance, to configuration and general questions response, all inquiries are addressed with our team and worked on until completion in a timely manner.


Technical capabilities and integrations:

Wazuh offers many capabilities that, when properly set up, are game changers for companies across all sectors. Additionally, the flexibility of integrating with different software makes Wazuh very practical and allows it to evolve over time.



Being an OpenSource solution, Wazuh doesn’t charge for licenses. This makes Wazuh very competitive compared to most of the other cybersecurity providers. Everyone has access to all of its capabilities and any monetary investment done by the customer is associated with the Support, Professional on Demand Hours for specific projects and Trainings for the software.


About Wazuh

Wazuh is a free and open-source security platform that unifies XDR and SIEM capabilities. It protects workloads across on-premises, virtualized, containerized, and cloud-based environments.

With over 10 million downloads per year, Wazuh has one of the largest open-source security communities in the world. From small businesses to large enterprises, the Wazuh solution is used to collect, aggregate, index and analyze security data, helping organizations detect intrusions, threats, and behavioral anomalies.

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Jorge Temoche
Chief Information Security Officer

"Thanks to the excellent support, even if a person doesn't know much about Wazuh, they will be able to achieve their objectives because the support team will back them up whenever needed."

Why Wazuh

  • Customer
  • Technical
    and integrations
  • Cost

and work in progress

  • 1
    Time reduction in post-incident inspections from 1 day to 2 hours.
  • 2
    Reduced from 8 hours a week to 2 hours a week the detection of threats and vulnerabilities with the custom dashboards.
  • 3
    Reduced time spent in manual log search with automation of incident response and real-time alerts.

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