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We supply a full range of services to help you achieve your IT security goals and meet your business needs. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Wazuh's technical team consists of solution architects, engineers and developers ready to give the best service.

Annual Support and Maintenance

Our experienced engineers provide quick responses to unlimited questions and issues relating to all components of the solution. Support includes help with deployment automation, solution configuration, bug fixes and upgrades. Additionally, the service includes periodic health checks. Our Premium package includes 24x7 support, faster response times, and more health checks per year.

  • Dedicated team of engineers
  • Periodic health-checks and upgrades to the latest version
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction
Standard Premium
Standard Premium
  • 8/5 24/7 support coverage (business hours)
  • 8 4 hours maximum response times
  • Upgrades to latest version
  • Unlimited questions and issues
  • 2 4 health-checks per year

Deployment and Configuration

Our team works closely with you to deploy and configure the solution, optimizing results for your particular use cases, while keeping in mind your long-term plans for growth. We carefully analyze the environment in order to design the most successful architecture for the solution deployment, configuration, and integrations with third-party tools. Configuration is key so that you only see the alerts you need to see and not those that you don't.

  • Technical assistance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Wazuh support


Our three-day remote instructional and hands-on course covers Wazuh architecture, integrations with Elastic Stack and Splunk, file integrity monitoring, log collection and analysis, vulnerability detection, compliance and policy enforcement. You will be well-prepared to deploy, configure and fine tune the solution and to create your own custom rules and dashboards.

  • Three-day course
  • Course materials
  • Learn the best practices

Professional Hours

We offer professional hours for development or customization projects. This includes assistance with the solution deployment and tuning, creation of new rules and decoders for improved threats detection, regulatory compliance mapping and reports, creation of custom dashboards, integration with third-party tools, assistance with file integrity monitoring and development of new features. Additional services are also included in our annual support packages.

Wazuh Cloud subscription

Wazuh scales with your business needs. You can deploy as many agents as needed, monitoring your cloud and on-premises environments. Our subscription model is based on indexed data, with different subscription tiers for all environment sizes, starting at 100GB. The service also includes 12 months of cold storage, health-checks and professional support.

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