Log Data Analysis

Log data analysis involves reviewing logs generated by network devices, endpoints, and applications to gain visibility into an IT infrastructure. Log data analysis helps security teams to meet regulatory requirements, detect and remediate threats, and identify application errors and other security issues. Wazuh collects, analyzes, and stores logs from your infrastructure in real-time. This capability of Wazuh provides the following benefits.

Security threat

Rapidly detect and respond to security threats. Wazuh collects and analyzes security telemetry from network devices, endpoints, and applications to detect security threats in real-time. You can also create custom decoders and rules to extend the detection capability of Wazuh.


Use Wazuh to meet your regulatory requirements. Organizations can leverage Wazuh to adhere to regulatory requirements and standards like CIS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, and more. Wazuh achieves this by analyzing security telemetry from network devices, endpoints, and applications.

Seamless integration
with third-party platforms

Eliminate security silos and achieve comprehensive visibility and collaboration across your security ecosystem. Wazuh allows unified security operations by seamlessly integrating with threat intelligence platforms, intrusion prevention systems, ticketing platforms, and others.

Holistic view of an entire
IT infrastructure

Gain complete visibility across your IT infrastructure with Wazuh. Wazuh provides complete visibility of an entire IT infrastructure by performing real-time analysis of logs from network devices, endpoints and applications. This visibility helps the security team to easily retrieve relevant information from assets in their IT infrastructure.

Scalability and performance

Supercharge your log data analysis with the scalability and enhanced performance capabilities of Wazuh. Its distributed architecture handles large-scale log data efficiently, ensuring optimal performance even as log volumes grow. This capability enables efficient log monitoring, log analysis, timely threat detection, and bolstering operational efficiency.

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