Vulnerability Detection

Wazuh offers a complete suite of capabilities to help you protect your IT infrastructure against vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Using a risk-based approach to prioritize vulnerabilities, Wazuh makes it easier for security teams to focus on the most critical issues first. Leverage the Wazuh vulnerability detection capability to proactively identify and remedy vulnerabilities, therefore reducing the risk of successful cyberattacks. Wazuh provides organizations with the following comprehensive capabilities to identify vulnerabilities in their infrastructure.

Simplified Query and Analysis

Simplify the process of querying and analyzing vulnerability details. Wazuh provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to query vulnerability detection results and apply filters to narrow your search. Additionally, Wazuh offers pre-built dashboards and reports that provide insight into security-related events.

Simplified Query and Analysis dashboard

Automated Vulnerability Detection

Stay ahead of attackers by detecting, prioritizing, and mitigating vulnerabilities. Wazuh performs vulnerability assessment of monitored endpoints to detect vulnerable OS components and applications. Wazuh uses data from feeds from Canonical, Microsoft, the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), and more to provide real-time information about vulnerabilities.

Automated Vulnerability Detection dashboard

Asset Visibility

Gain more insights into your inventory and prioritize risk mitigation. Wazuh establishes a comprehensive inventory of your endpoints and applications. This inventory helps identify vulnerable endpoints, understand the risks associated with each of them, and ensure that all of them are adequately protected.

Asset Visibility dashboard

Risk Prioritization

Wazuh helps in risk management by providing insights into the severity and business impact of identified vulnerabilities. You can generate detailed reports that help your security teams prioritize, and address vulnerabilities based on their severity level, the potential business impact, and the effort required for remediation.

Risk Prioritization dashboard

Multi-platform Compatibility

Wazuh is compatible with various operating systems, whether deployed on-premises or in cloud environments. It utilizes multiple sources to help you identify potential security issues. Additionally, it offers extended support for operating systems not listed in its complete compatibility matrix table.

Multi-platform Compatibility dashboard

Security Configuration Assessment

Identify potential security risks, such as misconfigured services or incorrect permissions, that may put your organization at risk. The Wazuh SCA module takes vulnerability assessment a step further by analyzing system configuration for vulnerabilities that may be peculiar to your organization's setup. It continuously monitors your configurations to detect deviations from established security policies or best practices.

Security Configuration Assessment dashboard

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