Threat Hunting

Wazuh is an effective security solution that equips organizations with the necessary tools and capabilities to detect and prevent persistent attacks. With advanced threat hunting capabilities, security teams can stay proactive in identifying and eliminating emerging threats and defend their business processes effectively.

Comprehensive visibility

Wazuh provides complete visibility by logging various components of your IT infrastructure including OS, applications, databases, and more. Wazuh assists threat hunters in making accurate deductions by providing a holistic view of the business infrastructure both cloud and on-premises.

Log data analysis

Unlock the power of your security data with sufficient log retention, indexing, and querying capabilities. Wazuh stores logs for extended periods, providing a comprehensive audit trail of security events. Its indexing and querying capabilities facilitate quick search and identification of potential issues and the root cause of security incidents.

MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Wazuh maps events in your environment with tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) in the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Wazuh enables security teams to formulate hypotheses by aligning with known TTPs used by threat groups. This simplifies threat hunting investigations, facilitating the identification and proactive response to potential threats.

Threat intelligence

Cross-reference telemetry with integrated threat intelligence feeds. Wazuh seamlessly integrates with threat intelligence platforms like VirusTotal, AlienVault OTX, URLhaus, MISP, and AbuseIPDB. This intelligence-based approach harnesses the latest threat intelligence data, empowering your team to identify potential threats and conduct thorough investigations.

Tailored rulesets

Enhance threat hunting with tailored rulesets and decoders for effective detection and investigation. Wazuh empowers security teams in investigating and mitigating threats by enabling the creation of custom rulesets. These rulesets target specific IOCs to optimize security operations effectively. By fine-tuning detection capabilities, Wazuh caters to unique requirements and minimizes the risk of overlooking potential threats.

Command monitoring

Stay ahead of security threats with proactive detection. The Wazuh command monitoring feature enables security teams to remotely execute commands on monitored endpoints and analyze the output. It allows security teams to detect suspicious activities by proactively searching for indicators of compromise.

Customizable dashboards

Visualize security events with customizable dashboards, and generate reports on the Wazuh dashboard to gain valuable insights into incidents, trends, and anomalies. The Wazuh dashboard enables threat hunters to evaluate security data efficiently, streamlining the process of identifying possible threats. Wazuh also includes an integrated reporting engine for generating customized reports.

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